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Let the food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food

Hippocrates (400 BC)
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What is Food Therapy?

Food Therapy is a method for treating illnesses and diseases. This technique emphasizes the need to use natural food products to cure deficiencies instead of using synthetic medication, which can be harmful in the long run. The scope of this blog page is to create awareness about using Food Therapy to achieve wellness and health. So, let’s talk about physical and mental health in a natural way.

This page mainly addresses six main aspects of Food, as follows:

Natural Foods around us
Natural Foods around us

Let’s look at the abundant benefits of natural foods and how we can use them in our routines.

Food Therapy in different Cultures
Food Therapy in different Cultures

Let’s explore various Food Therapy methods established in different cultures for thousands of years.

Food Therapy Based on Age Groups
Food Therapy based on Age Groups

Let’s read about diets for different age groups like, Toddlers, Youth, Adults and the Elderly in a detailed manner.

world map made of nuts and dried fruits
Food Tourism

Interested in knowing about the food culture of your next destination?

Food Therapy and Diet Plans
Food Therapy & Diet Plans

Let’s explore various healthy Diet Plans, perfectly suitable for your needs.

Food Disorders
Food Psychology

A number of health issues are associated with eating habits and human psychology. Let’s dig a bit.

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