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Brown Rice Weight Loss Tips, Benefits and 5-Day Diet Plan


In the field of nutrition, the rice diet is one of the most popular in terms of popularity. For most people, this product is associated with the white grains that we constantly see on supermarket shelves. This rice is ideal for everyday cooking, but not very healthy for the body. A healthy product that meets the norms of proper nutrition is brown (unpeeled) rice.

In recent times, much debate is underway on brown rice weight loss and health benefits.

Let’s consider the pros and cons of brown rice weight loss strategies, its nutritional qualities, nutritional variations, and also what nutritional options can be made from this grain.

Brown Rice Weight Loss Benefits

Today there are about 18 types of rice grains, constituting numerous varieties. They differ in nutritional, taste, and nutritional qualities, and not all are equally useful for the body and weight loss.

For supporters of a healthy diet, brown rice weight loss benefits are of particular value. According to nutritionists, brown rice retains its pityriasis shell, which contains the maximum number of useful vitamins and mineral salts.

The composition includes starch, which can absorb chemical compounds and microorganisms from the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, starch acts as a sorbent, removing excess fluid from the body, reducing swelling, and leaving an extra volume of centimeters, hence supporting the argument of brown rice weight loss perks.

Adding more brown rice weight loss benefits, this variety contains a lot of vegetable fibre, which helps to reduce weight and keep it at a normal level. Fibre, entering the intestines, swells, and takes up free space, as a result of which the feeling of satiety sets in quickly and lasts for a long time. There is no need for snacks between main meals. Consequently, the volume of subsequent portions will decrease, which will lead to weight loss, since the energy value of the diet will decrease.

Brown Rice Weight Loss Benefits.
Brown Rice Weight Loss Benefits.

Brown Rice: Minerals & Vitamins

Further brown rice weight loss benefits include the presence of mineral salts in its composition.


Calcium regulates metabolic processes and activates several enzymes and hormones, which contributes to the release of energy. 


Chromium provides the body with energy to convert carbohydrates into glucose, accelerates the absorption of insulin, and lowers blood cholesterol levels.


Potassium is involved in carbohydrate metabolism and protein synthesis, maintains the water-salt balance, and blood acid-base balance, and makes the skin elastic. 

Vitamin B1

The lack of vitamin B1 leads to a deterioration in working capacity, a person becomes lethargic and passive, and physical activity decreases, as a result of which the body spends little energy, and its excess is stored in the form of fat deposits. 

Vitamin B6

A lack of vitamin B6 slows down the process of losing weight, as it provides normal conditions for lipid metabolism and affects the non-oxidative metabolism of amino acids.

Brown Rice Weight Loss: It is a Myth?

The controversy over the benefits of brown rice concerning body weight correction is still ongoing. Some nutritionists classify rice as one of the most harmful foods for a figure, comparing it with fast food, baked goods, and confectionery.

On the other hand, among residents of Asian countries where rice grains are considered a national food, it is difficult to meet overweight people, proving the usefulness of the brown variety for weight loss. 

The transformation of the figure depends primarily on the quality of the product, method of preparation, norms of use, and the presence of other products in the diet. A strict rice diet is a safe and quick way to shed extra pounds, but it’s not the safest. Severe dietary restrictions produce quick results in a short amount of time, but the weight soon returns (yo-yo effect).

If you eat rice alone, the body does not receive enough vitamins, and micro and macro elements to maintain a normal life. Metabolism slows down and health in general deteriorates, which can ultimately lead to the development of diseases.

Cooked Brown Rice.
Cooked Brown Rice.

Nutrition Value of Brown Rice (100 grams)

Dry brown rice is high in carbohydrates (72.7 g) and calories (367 kCal), and relatively low in proteins (7.5 g) and fats (3.2 g). The glycaemic index of brown rice is 50 units.

During cooking the nutritional value of the product changes with a Calorie content – of 123 kcal, proteins – of 2.7 g, fats – of 1 g, and Carbohydrates – of 24 g.

Brown Rice Weight Loss: Quantity to Consume

How much brown rice can you eat while losing weight It’s impossible to accurately pinpoint the daily rate of eating brown rice when losing weight. The number depends on the age and sex of the patient, the presence of concomitant diseases, and the goal and variety of daily nutrition.

With a strict rice diet, you can eat up to 750 g of cooked brown rice per day. The quantity of brown rice is reduced if, in addition, other foods from the list of permitted foods are consumed: fruits, vegetables, lean meat, and low-calorie dairy products.

Brown Rice Weight Loss Tips: How to choose when buying?

Pay attention to the expiration date. The separated husk of the grains contains rice oil, which can deteriorate quickly, giving the grain a bitter taste and an unpleasant odor.

The maximum shelf life of brown rice is 12 months. If the manufacturer says more than a year, it means that the product has undergone chemical processing that extends the product’s shelf life, but reduces its usefulness to the body.

Pay attention to the integrity and color of the product. That should be of the same size and color, friable, and free from impurities, debris, and insect larvae. Don’t buy rice in opaque packages without seeing the quality of the grain.

Brown Rice Weight Loss Diet

A brown rice weight loss diet, if properly organized, can be physiologically complete and last for two weeks or more, as it allows you to eat a variety of foods and is not harmful to the body. But there are several universal rules for following the rice diet:

  • Exclude from the diet easily digestible carbohydrates, which increase blood sugar, and promote fat storage and fat metabolism. These include soda, candy, cookies, sugar, white wheat pasta, alcohol, etc.
  • Gradually reduce salt intake. Salt retains fluid in the body, causes swelling, impairs kidney function, and increases blood pressure.
  • It is important to eat often (5-6 times) in small portions. You can’t skip breakfast. Eating brown rice pudding in the morning is ideal. 
  • Drink more filtered water, since rice has a restorative effect, drinking enough liquid will prevent constipation. 
  • With stool disorders, it is recommended to drink herbal laxative tea. 

During the brown rice weight loss diet, completely abandon condiments, marinades, mayonnaise, and mustard, including home-cooked ones.

Brown Rice Weight Loss Diet.
Brown Rice Weight Loss Diet.

Brown Rice Weight Loss Diet: Cooking 

Gently cooking rice: boil, stew, steam, and bake. You can use seasoning natural vegetable oil, lemon juice, low-fat yogurt, and soy sauce, to your brown rice.

During and after the diet It is necessary to increase the number of foods containing potassium, such as pumpkin, apples, nuts, olives, and dried fruits, since potassium is washed out of the body along with salts.

The rice diet can be delicious due to the variety of the menu. You can eat fresh fruits, vegetables, berries, dried fruits, low-fat cottage cheese, eggs, fish and seafood, beef, veal, turkey, rye bread, nuts, and mushrooms. Below is a sample menu for a five-day brown rice weight loss diet.

Brown Rice Weight Loss 5 Days Diet Plan

First Day

Breakfast: 250 g steamed rice, 1 boiled egg, and orange juice.

Lunch: 250 g of boiled rice with 1 tbsp. l. Olive oil, vegetable soup on the water without potatoes, fresh tomato, and cucumber salad.

Dinner: A portion of rice with boiled carrots, baked hake, and herbal tea. 

Second Day

Breakfast: A portion of rice with 1 tsp. Lemon juice, apple, 2 rye croutons. 

Lunch: A portion of rice, stewed beets, boiled chicken breast, and juice from one orange. 

Dinner: A portion of steamed rice, boiled beef, and acceptable vegetables of your choice.

Third Day

Breakfast: A portion of boiled rice, fresh cucumber salad, tea, and 2 pieces of biscuit biscuits. 

Lunch: A portion of rice, vegetable broth, and low-fat fish fillet with tomatoes. 

Dinner: A portion of baked rice with pumpkin and herbal tea. 

Fourth Day

Breakfast: A portion of rice, cabbage, cucumber salad, whole wheat bread, and green tea. 

Lunch: A portion of rice, light vegetable broth, boiled broccoli, and 2 baked apples.

Dinner: A portion of rice, steamed vegetables, and a portion of grapefruit.

Fifth Day

Breakfast: A portion of rice seasoned with 1 tbs of soy sauce, baked chicken fillet, and an apple. 

Lunch: A portion of rice, vegetable broth, boiled beets with prunes and sour cream, a slice of bread, and green tea.

Dinner: A portion of rice baked with apple, raisins, and low-fat cottage cheese and a portion of dried fruit.

Brown Rice Weight Loss Diet Variations

There are different types of variations in brown rice weight loss regimens. 

Strict Rice Diet 

It allows the use of steamed or stewed rice without salt, sugar, and spices. In addition to grains, the diet also includes green tea without sugar, herbal sedatives, and water. Due to the strict limitation of the daily calorie content, a lot is possible – 10 kg in two weeks. Although, nutritionists do not recommend such a diet for health reasons. 

One-Day Fasting

It is a strict one-day weight-loss diet that includes rice, green tea, and water. On this day, the gastrointestinal tract practically does not experience stress and is restored, the body is cleansed, and the risk of liver and gallbladder diseases is reduced. The weekly fasting day helps reduce/maintain weight and maintain healthy digestion.

Rice Diet for 3/5/7/9 Days

The essence of this brown rice weight loss diet is to consume boiled/steamed brown rice for three, five, seven, or nine days in combination with acceptable products: fish, vegetables, fruits, and meat dishes. 

The weight decrease depends on strict adherence to the diet plan. In 3 days, you can reduce the weight by 2-4 kg. The result of losing weight in 7-9 days varies from 7-10 kg. 

Brown Rice Weight Loss Cooking Options

Simple Boiling

Every brown rice diet has a specific way of treating rice grains. Properly cooked rice is a dish with the minimum consumption of fat and the least loss of useful components. This is possible when steaming, baking, boiling, or soaking. Below we will consider how to cook rice for the benefit of the body.

  • Cook Rinse 1 glass of rice well with cold water and soak for 2 hours. Then drain the water and rinse again. 
  • Afterward, put the rice and water in a saucepan and cover it with a lid. Turn the heating on. 
  • When the water boils, reduce the heat and simmer for 30 to 40 minutes. 

Cooking in Microwave 

In the microwave, put the brown rice in a colander and rinse until it is clear water. Pour rice into a container for microwaving and add water in a 1: 2 ratio. To make the rice softer, you need to increase the amount of water. Microwave the rice at maximum power for 15 minutes, then lower the temperature and cook for another 20 minutes. Do not cover them with a lid.

In the Oven

Rinse brown rice under running water, and leave in a colander to drain the water glass. Pour the grain into a heat-resistant form, pour in two glasses of distilled water, and cover with foil. Place it in a preheated oven at a temperature of 180-200 degrees for 60 minutes. Ready rice can be seasoned with lemon juice or high-quality vegetable oil. 

In a Water Bath

Rinse 250 g of brown rice until clear water. Grease a bowl of a water bath with greens or butter, add rice, pour 380 ml of water, stir, and close the lid. Select the “porridge” program from the control panel and set a cooking time of 45 minutes.

Brown Rice Weight Loss Recipes.
Brown Rice Weight Loss Recipes.

Brown Rice Weight Loss Recipes

There are many famous rice-based dishes, worldwide. You can cook your brown rice with any of those options as well, like preparing risotto, pilaf, paella, sushi, and sweet casseroles, which are added to soups and salads. 

In Japan, even alcoholic beverages of different strengths are made from rice grain. From such a variety It is easy to find tasty and healthy recipes for those who follow a healthy lifestyle and take full advantage of brown rice weight loss benefits.

Rice Porridge with Chicken Breast 


Brown rice – 250 g; Water – 350 ml; Chicken breast – 300-400 g; Carrots – 1 pc.; Vegetable oil to a minimum.

How to Cook?

Clean and soak the brown rice with one of the methods mentioned above. Peel onions and grate carrots on a medium grater. Put the chicken, and vegetables in the multicooker bowl, add vegetable oil, and a little spice. Put rice on top, level, add water, and cover with a lid. Set the “quenching” or “pilaf” mode for 40-45 minutes. Voila, your tasty brown rice weight loss dish is ready. 

Rice Salad with Vegetables and Mushrooms 


To prepare the salad you will need a mixture of “Vegetables with brown rice and mushrooms.” You can collect the ingredients separately: brown rice – 200 g; Onion – 1 medium head; Carrots – 1 pc.; Paprika – 1 pc.; broccoli cabbage – 150 g; Mushrooms – 150 g; Eggs – 4 pieces; sour cream 15% fat – 4 tbsp.; Green; salt to taste. 

How to cook?

Cut the hard-boiled eggs into cubes. Boil the rice and vegetable mixture in salted water for 10-15 minutes. In a container, mix vegetables with rice, add eggs, and season with sour cream and salt. Garnish with herbs and tomato slices to serve. Here you go with a tasty and nutritious brown rice weight loss salad.


Brown Rice Vs White Rice: Which one is better?

Nutritionally, brown rice is superior to white one. It has a better nutritional value.

Why does brown rice is nutritionally superior to the white rice?

Brown rice is superior to the white one because it is not processed and polished. Secondly, it retains most of the fiber, minerals and vitamins, that white rice does not.  

Are brown rice weight loss benefits for real?

If consumed in a caloric deficit diet regimen, brown rice weight loss benefits are for real.

Can brown rice be used by celiac patients?

Both brown and white rice and gluten-free, therefore, celiac patients can consume them.

Brown Rice Vs White Rice.
Brown Rice Vs White Rice.


Any variant of the rice diet is considered the most popular method for weight loss, confirmed by numerous positive reviews. It is rare to find negative claims about brown rice weight loss benefits. Also, brown rice can be part of the healthy paleo diet as well.

The reason for the lack of results can be non-compliance with the diet, the use of prohibited products, or lack of exercise or physical activity.

Nevertheless, many nutritionists point out the presence of certain toxins (like aflatoxins) and biological contaminants in brown rice. However, if a quality product is used, it can indeed be beneficial.

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