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Is Cinnamon a Fat Burner? 4 Easy Ways to Use Cinnamon

Is Cinnamon a fat burner? Honestly, it is not just a fat burner but a magical natural food as well. Nevertheless, it is a spice with very powerful slimming properties, since it decreases hunger, stimulates digestion, de-flats the abdomen, and reduces bad cholesterol levels in the blood.

Cinnamon or Cinnamomum Zeylanicum is native to Sri Lanka and scriptures from 2000 BC describe its usage in the ancient Egyptian and Chinese food therapies.  

Benefits of using Cinnamon

Cinnamon is not only used to lose weight, but it also has other properties that are very useful for keeping your body healthy. Some of the following benefits besides the question “Is Cinnamon a Fat Burner”, are as follows:

  • Helps control colds.
  • It has the function of a natural anticoagulant.
  • It is very efficient to control disorders in the digestive system.
  • Helps against infections of the respiratory system.
  • Stimulates various brain functions.
  • It has anti-inflammatory functions.
  • Keeps the colon healthy and reduces the risk of its diseases.
  • Helps prevent coronary heart disease from occurring.
  • It’s an aphrodisiac, and we are sure you already knew that.
  • It helps a person to fall asleep fast. 
  • But the question is still there, is Cinnamon a fat burner? Let’s first explore various ways to use it as a fat burner.

Cinnemon Drink
Cinnemon Drink

Using Cinnamon Independently in a Drink

Cinnamon with Honey

To use Cinnamon as a fat burner is as easy as taking it through different drinks. For this, you only need to have 2 fresh cinnamon sticks, or use two tablespoons of powder and add one spoon of honey for taste, in a cup of hot water. And remember, the infusion is always better to take on an empty stomach for better fat-burning results. 

The use of honey in cinnamon shakes is because honey complements and increases the properties that cinnamon has. In addition, honey serves as a substitute for refined sugar, which you should avoid for the sake of your health and personal well-being. Honey has fewer calories and contains some amount of protein as well. Therefore, if you are looking to lose weight, or burn fat, you have to get your act together.

Cinnamon and Lemon

Another ingredient with which you can accompany your cinnamon infusion is lemon. This fruit helps to eliminate the stored body fat. Lemon is rich in the fiber, Pectin, which aids this process. Therefore, the obvious answer to the title question (Is Cinnamon a Fat Burner?) is by all means, yes.

Cinnemon Rolls
Cinnemon Rolls

Cinnamon as a Part of your General Diet Plan

It is proven that those individuals with a good diet and who consume cinnamon daily, lose weight much faster than those who do not use it. So don’t wait any longer, and put it into practice.

Its consumption in the morning, during breakfast, should be about 500 milligrams, as well as at night at dinner. In the course of the afternoon, it is good to consume about 1000 milligrams or 1 gram. 

Finally, given the efficiency of this product, cinnamon capsules designed for weight loss have been specifically generated, and are easily available in the markets. This is already the height of convenience since you simply have to take your capsule daily and forget about the rest. Although they are very efficient in the weight loss effect, it is always recommended that you first consult a doctor before taking medication with these capsules.

If you want to take the full benefits of Cinnamon, we recommend that you consume it in the described ways for at least four weeks. You will be able to lose more than 4 kilos.

At Breakfast

When you wake up, drink a hot cup of cinnamon tea. This will cause your body to activate its metabolism and start burning calories.

At breakfast time, add a tablespoon of this powdered spice to your serving of oatmeal, smoothie, or yogurt.

Is Cinnamon a Fat Burner and Effective during the Early Morning?

Cinnamon is very effective to control your hunger strikes between your meals (breakfast and lunch, in this case). Taking the above-mentioned infusion would help you control the spike of your hunger hormone or ghrelin. Also, exclude carbohydrate and fried snacks, so that the diet works.

At Lunch and Dinner

Reduce your consumption of cereals and pasta, and replace them with white proteins such as fish, chicken, or turkey breast, without forgetting raw and cooked vegetables.

For dessert, forget about the cakes and prepare healthy ice cream or chopped fruit, with a half-table spoon of cinnamon powder sprinkled on it.

Bed-Time Snack

Heat a cup of milk, with a tablespoon of cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, and honey to taste, which you should drink before going to bed.

Its calming qualities will make you sleep like a baby, while your body gets rid of excess fat.

Scientific View of the Question: “Is Cinnamon a Fat Burner?” 

A study from the University of Michigan confirms that Cinnamon helps you lose weight. According to the research, this spice regulates blood glucose levels, helps the body to maintain insulin sensitivity, and therefore helps in decreasing cravings. 

Furthermore, cinnamaldehyde, the organic compound responsible for its good smell and better taste, activates the thermogenic response and the metabolism of subcutaneous fat cells. 

The use of cinnamon as part of people’s diet is because it has properties that help people lose weight efficiently. One reason is that it keeps blood sugar levels in balance, which helps prevent insulin spikes. These spikes are one of the main causes of people gaining weight. Yes, it may be something very curious, but it is so. Have you never imagined this relationship between insulin and weight? If not, then you need to investigate it.

But Cinnamon also has some essential oils that facilitate the digestion process. These Essential oils act on the salivary glands, involved in the first digestion process, and also on the gastric juices that are responsible for processing food in the stomach.

Is Cinnemon a Fat Burner
Cinnemon and Fitness (Is Cinnamon a Fat Burner?)

Summary: Is Cinnamon a Fat Burner?

In conclusion, Cinnamon is a highly recommended food to lose weight and you can also accompany it in a large number of foods and desserts. Cinnamon helps us control blood sugar levels, improving the efficiency of insulin and avoiding insulin spikes after eating. This allows for maintaining stable glucose levels which helps control hunger. 

So, the next time someone asks you the question, “Is Cinnamon a Fat Burner?”, you know the answer now. 

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