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Paris bakeries are renowned worldwide for their flavour, ingredients, texture, and presentation. The French capital is the land of bread and pastries. Most expatriates will tell you: that what is most lacking abroad is good crispy bread with a soft and tasty crumb.

The streets of Paris are full of good bakeries, where making bread is like real goldsmith work: kneading, fermentation, shaping, and baking. Parisian bakers work hard and take pride in providing several unique baked items. 

Paris bakeries are not just famous for the variety of breads and pastries, but also their affordable prices. Most of them offer a combo package comprised of savory and a slice of sweet bread, along with a drink of your choice, for under 10 Euros. 

Without grading them further, let’s discuss the top 10 Paris bakeries, or as they call it Paris Boulangerie.


At the origin of this project, three childhood friends decided to glamorize the traditional Parisian bakery sector, by “mixing traditional French know-how and original creations inspired by their travels”.

For this, the friends chose a homemade production, with sourced organic products, chosen according to the seasons. On the menu, one can see, traditional baguette and country bread, with buckwheat, and walnuts, but also cinnamon babka, rice pudding, etc. Due to their unique taste, we place it among the best Paris bakeries. 

Addresses: 181 Rue Saint-Denis, Paris.  


Babka Roll, Babka Cake, or Babka Pie, here, the menu honours these typical cakes from Eastern Europe, which has nothing to envy with traditional Paris bakeries.

And just seeing the queue on the sidewalk, we understand that the specialties of Babka Zana are delicious. There is also the “Mouna”, a braided brioche with orange blossom, or the “Rugelach”, a mini brioche croissant. 

Address: 65 Rue Condorcet, Paris. 

Paris Bakeries
Paris Bakeries.


The founders of Mamiche, Victoria, and Cécile, both dedicated all their time to their bakery. Too busy – as they say – working on their creations, their website is still not ready, more than 3 years after the opening of their first address. Perhaps they just want to compete with other Paris bakeries, but they are already one of the best. 

There, you can find all kinds of bread: black bread, chestnut flour bread, sandwich bread, country loaf, and traditional slices, but also small sweet pleasures. On the menu? Babkas (like its neighbour on rue Condorcet), cinnamon rolls, clafoutis, stuffed donuts, buns, or even muesli bread.

Addresses: 45 Rue Condorcet and 32 Rue du Château d’Eau, Paris.


The origin of this bakery lies in the meeting of Magali and Jean Jean-François at the premises of the School of Gastronomy Ferrandi, Paris.

Together and around their common values, they created their first bakery and moved to rue de Turbigo. They offer 100% homemade products, made with quality raw materials and at reasonable prices.

Famous for their sweet and savory pastries, another branch is soon to open at Rue de Rivoli, in the 1st arrondissement of Paris, just behind the Louvre Museum, making them a credible chain of Paris bakeries. 

Addresses: 18 Rue de Trubigo, Paris. 

Paris bakeries breads
Paris Breads


Opened in 2017 by Olivier Magne, the best Baker in France for the year 2015, the Farine &O bakery has never disappointed ever since. Until he came very close to obtaining the Holy Grail this year, arriving 3rd in the competition for the best baguette in Paris. Making one of the most-wanted Paris bakeries. 

Inside is a not-so-traditional bakery, where you can find loaves of bread only, but lots of pastries as well. With pain au chocolat and other croissants as well as a brioche from Auvergne and its blueberry compote or citrus puff pastry, you can find all that you need to make your tastebuds happy.

Address: 10 Rue des Martyrs, Paris.


It is a chain of Paris bakeries that are coffee shops and coffee roasters as well. The 3 addresses of Ten Belles are open from evening to morning for breakfast, lunch, and brunch. One can dine in or can have a takeaway. 

This Franco-British “bakery” concept offers bread in all its forms, organic and sourdough. For more gourmet breaks, it can offer focaccia, toasts, and sandwiches.

Addresses: 53 Rue du Cherche-Midi, 10 Rue de la Grange-aux-Belles and 17 rue Breguet, Paris.


Who knew that two former employees of Ladurée, Sébastien and Erwan would take over the former Charlot bakery, making it one of the most wonderful Paris bakeries, Utopie. Together, they broke the “classic” codes of the genre and brought their touch of fantasy.

The result is the original and traditional bread. Their menu contains banana bread, mushroom, and roasted onion bread. On the pastry side, there is a red fruit flan or a black sesame Saint-Honoré.

Address: 20 Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, Paris. 

Typical Paris Boulangerie.
Typical Paris Boulangerie.


There’s no question of forgetting this Maison Julien bakery, called Les Saveurs de Pierre Demours, which this year won the prize for the best baguette, among all the Paris bakeries. 

A deserved recognition for this bakery which will supply the Elysée Palace with bread for a year.

Address: 13 Rue Pierre Demours, Paris. 


Nestled in the charming district of Butte Montmartre, this bakery was founded in 2012 by Sébastien Mauvieux, who won the prize for the best baguette among the Paris bakeries.

There, everything is homemade, bread and pastries. All the products are of high quality: the flour comes from Moulins Bourgeois and the butter is AOC Charentes-Poitou or Normandy.

Address: 88 Rue des Martyrs, Paris. 


Out of other Paris bakeries, this one opens a few hours a day, it is because the baker Maxime Bussy has chosen not to make his bread in large quantities. 

There, one would find quality pieces of bread made with peasant flour, spring water from artesian wells, and artisanal salt. On the menu, this takes the form of bread of all kinds, spelled bread, buckwheat bread, white rye bread, chestnut bread, or seed bread. 

Address: 50 Rue de la Réunion, Paris.

Top 10 Paris Bakeries
Paris: The City of Bread.


Paris bakeries are one of the finest with the taste that is out of the world. There are many other Paris bakeries that are worth mentioning, but the best ones are stated in this article.

Please let us know about your favourite French bakery below in the comments section. 

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